A Nail Biting Version Of Myself

It’s been a while since I shared about the progression of this book, mostly because the past six months I have been creating it.

A week ago I sent a copy of ‘Singing My Mother’s Song’ to my family for approval. I wouldn’t normally do this, but as the content of this collection is so deeply personal to them, it felt important.

The most important person is my mother though. It’s her story after all. Her longings and loses, her discoveries and gains. And I have been a nail biting version of myself this past week, waiting to hear back from her.

Today she sent a message saying she had finished reading and wholly celebrates its being. And my heart fills fit enough to explode.

Three more weeks of editing and I will be submitting it to the publisher on December the 1st.


In the mean time. Here is her hand. Here are my words.