Celebrating All Things Birthed

It has been just over a year since I received funding from the Arts Council to begin the journey of Singing My Mother’s Song.

I have researched, questioned, picked apart and put together again. It has taken me to South Africa, to places in my family narrative that have been kept quiet for so long. I have woken up my ancestors, looked both behind and affront, so to make sense of now.

I have spent the past six months writing up this yearning. Creating poems and stories, trying to put all these facts, all this imagination and dreaming onto the page.

Today the day came, where I submitted the manuscript to my publisher! The labour has been done. Singing My Mother’s Song has officially been set free.

And here we are, the glorious Bridget Hart and I from the Burning Eye team, celebrating all things creative. Celebrating all things birthed.

The collection will be out in June 2019