Table Mountain

Today I hiked to the top of Table Mountain. It’s massive and magical. The journey up was intense, such a sheer ascend in beating sun, climbing over boulders and across bronze coloured rock, yet so forgiving. I stumbled it held me. The landscape in Cape Town is electric, I have seen penguins, butterfly, seals, camels, crocodiles, crabs, ostrich, sun it was lizards and eagles. At the top of Table Mountain I looked out across the world, I felt the ground pulsate and my heart fill with a giddy joy. The land of the family who have walked before, and little old me, fourtunate enough to follow.

‘Table Mountain according to African legend: Tixo, God of the Sun, and Djobela, the One Eyed Earth Goddess conceived Qamata, who created the world. The Great Sea Dragon, Nkanyamba was so jealous that he fought & wounded Qamata, trying to stop him creating dry land. But the Earth Mother, Djobela, came to Qamata's aid, creating four mighty Giants to guard the corners of the Earth.... After many battles with the Sea Dragon the Giants were mortally wounded. Before they died they asked the Earth Mother to turn them into Mountains, so that even in death they could guard the Earth. And so the Greatest Giant of All, Umlindi Wemingizimu became Table Mountain, the Watcher of the South’