Gaps and Sellotape

So... this happened. I think it’s been the absolute high note of the project so far. During the autumn last year I hired a genealogist so to trace some of my family avenues.... and I managed to find my mums two cousins, both in the uk, both as ecstatic as a party popper to hear from me. Mum has not seen them since age seven when she went into the orphanage. She is seventy five this year, that is 68 years! 68 years of air, and swallowed mouths, and whispered histories. Today they meet for the first time, both sides of the family forgotten....until an inquisitive daughter came along with a hunger for gaps and sellotape. This afternoon, for six hours I felt like I was hanging out with three little girls in wrinkly suits, all giddy and giggling. ‘Real family,’ my mama said, holding them against her like another heart.