Coming Around Again

My mother’s name was V, short for Vimal. It is a Sannyasin name that she was given by Osho. Before that she was called Monica, but I wasn't born then.  

My mother would sometimes listen to Heart Fm, she was very emotional. She would hear 80s songs on the radio and cry....get obsessed with certain records and play them over and over. She was a very challenging woman but when someone dies you start to resolve the things you couldn’t before.

When she was in hospital I forgave her. I never really understood what forgiveness was until then. When someone is dying everything shrivels into perspective and you want them to go in peace. At her funeral us three siblings chose a song each. Mine was Coming Around Again by Carly Simon for the line 'don't mind if I fall apart, there's more room in a broken heart,' which is just like her. - Arvind Howarth, senior technical instructor to journalism students at UWE.