A Beautiful Marriage of Sound

This week I travelled up to London for three days rehearsing with the almighty Dominie Hooper. Dominie and I have been friends for years. We have been on creative retreats together, staying in a Cornish Cottage, locking the doors and making all kinds of poetry music fusions. We have also cried, laughed and done everything in-between. When I first heard Dominie’s voice I felt like I had been kicked and kissed all at once. Alongside her amazing voice, Dominie also plays guitar, cello, loop station, and the shaky egg.

We rehearsed in this amazing space overlooking the city, ate banana pancakes and just got down to it.

I am so very proud with what has unravelled between us. She really has brought a whole new dimension to the writing of Singing My Mother’s Song, a beautiful marriage of sound, that means we can bring you a poetic story full of beauty, pain and celebration.

The launch of Singing My Mother’s Song will be in Bristol on the afternoon of 22nd June. After that we will be touring around the U.K. Please get in touch to book this thirty minute poetry/musical experience.