Pulling Time Backwards and Forwards

This is an illustration of my Great Grandfather, in response to my poem 'Time is a Strange Feeling.' 

I never knew him, so this is how he looks to me- surrounded by numerals and cogs, pulling time backwards and forwards.

During the research for 'Singing My Mother's Song,' I discovered that later in life he owned three businesses where he would make and repair clocks. I even tracked down a Grandfather Clock he had donated to his local council.

I'm so grateful for artist collaboration. Working with Anna Higgie has meant so many things have come back to life in the form of images. People continue, through memory, in the pictures we create, through the stories we tell.

This image and accompanying poem are from my third collection, 'Singing My Mother's Song', published by Burning Eye Books and out so very very soon.

SMMS DPS Time is a Strange Feeling (try before).jpg