Cape Town

  • .Meeting poets Toni Stuart and Malika Ndlovu and starting to work together on poetic content


Residency at Wits University

5th -13th April

  • Workshop for poets (Lover + Another) – Saturday, 7th April 10-2PM
  • 10th April- Short Extract of Singing My Mother's Song
  •  11th April, Preview of Singing My Mother's Song
  • Workshop on creative writing/performance poetry and ethnography for MA Performance Ethnography students – Thursday, 11th April 2.30-4:30 PM
  •  Reading of work – 12th April 6:30-8 PM
  • Workshop 10-12 AM
  • Filming begins of dancers


  • The Writing of the Singing My Mother's Song collection 
  • Singing My Mother's Song Workshop at Tribe Of Doris Festival, Thursday 9th August
  • Performance pieces offered at Tribe of Doris Festival from Singing My Mother's Song, Friday 10th August
  • Release of poetry/film collaborations throughout 2018
  • Launch of Singing My Mother's Song Poetry Collection, Burning Eye Books, 2019