Bristol is where my immediate family live. We moved here when I was 7, the same age Mum moved into the orphanage. It’s interesting to me how this parallels the new life the move to the orphanage intended to give my Mum.

Through research with a genealogist, we’ve found that my Great-Grandfather lived in Bristol before creating a family in London. When I found this out the whole world became one big, beautiful joke, in which everything returned to the start over and over again. He worked and lived in the very same streets I worked and lived in. It’s a place where I’ve grown, experienced so many cultures, it’s the home I’ll be setting out on this journey from.

London is where my Mum and siblings grew up. My great grandfather and grandfather had a family businesses selling and reconditioning clocks. I love how my grandfather's manipulated time and re-set it. Just like I am trying to do now. This feels like a significant point along the path. I’ll be passing through London on my way.

Both these locations were mentioned and remembered in conversations as to where my Great Grandfather grew up. They feel like the natural points to visit first along the way. More we don’t know, I sense things will make sense when I land in a way I can’t quite describe right now.

Thanks to the Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism I will be hosted and given avenues in which I can explore the heart of Port Elizabeth.

I’ll be journeying with Nyaniso and Yana, the dancers for this project to Nyaniso’s homeland. I’ve been invited to experience the rural life and an ancestry ritual which is due to take place with the coming together of three different families.

In Johannesburg I will be based at WITS University, with Drama For Life. I will be in the city as an Artist in Residence. Here I will work with the project team and fellow artists to develop and perform a response to this journey.  


Back to the start again, or is it the end, so to write the creative content of this journey up, ready for publication by Burning Eye Books, 2019.

Check out the images below to see this journey... This makes it feel so much more real for me. Exciting!