Singing The Songs of Our Mothers- A Poetic Journey

When: Saturday the 1st June, 2019, 1-4 PM

Where: Bristol, UK

This afternoon workshop guarantees to offer something very special. Here is an opportunity to explore, examine and express.

In this intimate and nurturing space we gather to focus on language and the voice in unison. Singing The Songs of Our Mothers, is a workshop for those who want to explore the idea of how ancestry and the past, inform the present and future.

We all have a story and our own way of sharing it, using the avenue of poetry we will explore the theme of ‘Journeys’ as a powerful way to come back to our bodies and creatively use our voice to stand up and speak out. Be it stories of travel from place to place, journeys from one relationship to the next or the journey into the self. We will look at various poetic tools and devises and use creative writing as a method for healing, discovery and self expression.


Early Bird Until 12th May: £20

After: £25

Spaces are extremely limited and the last two workshops have Sold Out.

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I am currently teaching the Performance Poetry Module and general Creative Writing to BA students at Bath Spa University. I have taught workshops in schools as part of the secondary curriculum, outside of schools to those excluded from education, to ex offenders, primary and the elderly. During the 'Singing My Mother's Song' project, I offer specialised workshops which merge ancestry, personal narrative and storytelling. 

I believe everyone has story and unique way of telling it, with the right techniques and tools the route to creation is opened up, and the opportunity to express becomes limitless. The 'Singing My Mother's Song Spoken Word and Creative Writing Workshops' offer an intimate and nurturing space to explore self and the world we inhabit, so to ignite our creativity; using it as a powerful avenue to come back to our voices, and our innate ability to transform and inspire. 

For more information or to book a workshop contact Rebecca on: 

Come join me at the immense Tribe of Doris Festival 2019 for a very special Singing My Mother's Song Workshop